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Top 50 Free Magento Extensions


What are the most popular e-commerce platforms in 2019? What will you say? Woocommerce? Shopify? If your answer is Magento, then you certainly know your e-commerce platforms well! In present times, more than hundreds and thousands of websites are working on Magento across the globe.

In this article, we are going to focus primarily on Magento 2 extensions to save you a ton of time looking for the best Magento 2 modules online.

Table of Content
11.WhatsApp Chat 21.Cash On Delivery 31.Splitit Monthly Payments 41.Maintenance Mode
2.Video Gallery
12.Most Viewed Products 22.Facebook Pixel 32.Bank Payment 42.Lingotek Translation Inside
3.Social Share 13.Featured Products 23.Abandoned Cart Email 33.Botgento Facebook Messenger Chatbot 43.Fooman Print Order PDF
4.Product Attachment 14.LiveChat 24.GDPR 34.Richpanel eCom Helpdesk 44.Delete Orders
5.Product Label 15.Automatic Catalog Maker 25.AJAX Shopping Cart Update 35.Ajax Infinite Scroll 45.ShipStation
6.FAQ 16.TrustSpot Reviews 26.Best Selling Products 36.HelpCrunch LiveChat 46.Algolia Instant Search
7.Shop By Brand 17.SendGrid Email Delivery 27.Pinterest Tag 37.PushAssist Web Push Notifications 47.Find-A-Dealer
8.Banner-Slider 18.Subscribe At Checkout 28.Bolt Checkout 38.Split Order 48.Search By Voice
9.Testimonials 19.Salesforce Integration 29.Cointopay Crypto Currency Payments 39.Custom Shipping Method 49.Addressy
10.Product Inquiry With Hide Price 20.retailCRM 30.PayPal Recurring Payment 40.Quick View 50.Auto Related Products
SEO extension from Mageplaza

SEO extension from Mageplaza includes various outstanding features. It helps improve your site's rankings over 32%, increases the traffics for the site over 198%. Especially, this extension helps reduce 100% duplicate content issues. Besides that, when you install SEO extension, you don't need to do any code modifications. It is also extremely friendly with your store and helps do SEO better.

  • Stop duplicating content issues
  • Structured data is added automatically
  • Dynamic and variety metadata template rules
  • Use Hreflang tags easily
  • Wonderful SEO report feature
  • Breadcrumbs is friendly for site
  • Smart Page Analysis
  • Improved HTML/XML Sitemaps feature
  • Support Crosslinks
  • Assist multi-stores and multi-languages
Video Gallery

To get the most out of your business, here comes the video gallery extension which allows the store admin to put up videos on their website about the products they offer. This saves the time of your visitor as they can simply figure it out from the video what the product is all about along with its usage.

  • Include Multiple videos by branding your products
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Make changes to videos from the unified back-end
  • Input gallery title to display in the block
  • Disable the plugin when not in use
Social Share
Social Share

Social media cannot be ignored at any rate and the eCommerce sector is no exception. People are accessing social networking sites day in and day out and so do businesses. Keeping that in mind, Sparsh Technologies came up with a Magento 2 extension named Social share that allows customers to share their favorite products, categories, or any other CMS pages on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, What’s App, Pinterest, and more. The key features include:

  • Enable/disable from the backend
  • Visit your store to freely share their wanted products via social network accounts
  • Enhances sales on a significant basis by sharing
  • Promote brand awareness
  • SEO-friendly
Product Attachment
Product Attachment

Does your visitor get confused between the products you sell? Want to help them by inducing a short description of the product you offer? Well, then this extension is a perfect match for your e-commerce site as it allows the admin to add up a short note about the product usage.

  • Look after the oversee product attachments
  • Add document to every web page
  • Customize your positions
  • Upload user guide and manuals in an appropriate format
  • Disable the extension when not in use
Product Label
Product Label

This extension helps you to create alluring labels according to your products and also add them on your homepage by citing some exciting offers for the customers.

It also allows displaying attractive labels and stickers to the product images on any webpage as per your need. By doing so, you let the customers know about the special bonus or discounts and generate more business.

  • Free updates for lifetime
  • Quick bug fixing support
  • User-friendly
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Disable when not in use

Many a time there arises a situation where the customers want to ask queries or get confused regarding the product. To avoid such scenarios, this extension helps you to add the most common questions and answers on their store site for the ease of shopping the products.

  • Add an endless number of Q&As
  • Easy to install
  • Fully responsive theme
  • The appropriate format for displaying Q/A
  • Disable when not in use
Shop By Brand
Shop By Brand

Do you manage multiple manufacturers and selling their items with the help of an online store? The Brand extension helps the store owners to display brand logos on their website effectively by making use of blocks, templates, layouts, and widgets. This helps to create more user trust and credibility.

  • Focuses on the properties of various brands
  • Showcases different brands
  • Makes use of widget for including quicker brand posting
  • Organize the poster position
  • Multi-store support
Banner Slider
Banner Slider

Wish to pull in more visitors on your online store? Well, then the banner slider can help you tons by helping you to include exquisite sliders with endless pictures. By doing so, you get a chance to reach to your target audience by alluring them with your attractive product banner sliders.

  • Endless Product Image Slides
  • Convenient picture quality for both mobile phones and tablets
  • Allows to add a link to every slider
  • Manage the Slider collection from the back-end
  • Multi-store support and very well-documented

You must be aware of the ‘Word of Mouth’ advertising where your customers speak up for your brand. It includes some great surveys and client satisfaction videos by some of the trusted networks. Using this extension allows you to add videos on your site page which helps you to generate more business.

  • Properly programmed and manual approval
  • Audits by new visitors without login
  • Multilingual and Multi-store support
  • Track the entire testimonial procedure
  • Disable when not in use
Product Inquiry With Hide Price
Product Inquiry With Hide Price

This extension is useful when your e-commerce store has window shoppers who are interested more in checking and comparing the prices from various stores rather than buying one. Along with the price, you can also hide the Wish list and Compare options to let the user engage into the store activities after signing in.

  • Easy to install
  • Free Updates for the extension
  • Expert support
  • Hide the categories as per your wish
  • Disable when not in use from the admin side
WhatsApp Chat
WhatsApp Chat

Generally, the customers have a bunch of questions when it comes to purchasing a product online. To help them out, this extension comes handy as it allows the visitors to chat directly with the store admin instead of waiting for hours to get the assistance. It aids in communicating with the admin related to any pre-sale or post-sale services of the product.

  • Customizable contact button
  • Easy to use
  • Enable the chat button from the back-end
  • Allows the admin to change default Whatsapp number
  • Disable the extension if you do not want to use
Most Viewed Products
Most Viewed Products

Many times your visitors want to have a check on some of the most viewed products out of the whole store. This gets them an overview of the current trending products which the others are looking forward to which can be done by simply incorporating this plugin within your site.

  • Easy installation
  • Put it up on any position for Most viewed products
  • Displays the products in a slider layout
  • Insert any products into the grid
  • Disable the plugin when not in use
Featured Products
Featured Products

Every e-commerce store wants to display their featured products to attract and reach the target customers. This can be simply achieved by using this extension as it allows the store owners to display products anywhere on their website by making use of the templates, blocks, widgets, and layouts henceforth boosting their sales.

  • Create an endless number of blocks
  • Insert blocks using widgets, layout, and CMS
  • Choose product pictures to display
  • Easy configuration
  • Disable the plugin if not in need

The customers get a lot of questions running in their mind before making any specific purchase and they need to have an instant companion who can solve all of this problems of them. The LiveChat extension for Magento is a tool used for customer support and boost your online sales by helping your customers solve their complaints on the go.

  • Easy Configuration
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Generates ‘Welcome’ message for customers
  • Creates reports based on Analytics
  • Tracks the visitors
Automatic Catalog Maker
Automatic Catalog Maker

Many a time, you need to present a beautiful and attractive product catalog be it in PDF or any other format for your retail or wholesale store. This extension links to your platform and adds an admin interface after that it will create catalog automatically.

  • Easy to use
  • Endless product catalogs
  • Applicable to both retail and wholesale prices
  • Supports QRcode and Barcode
  • Printable PDF catalogs
TrustSpot Reviews
TrustSpot Reviews

Today the businesses are running more on reviews and testimonials than ever. This extension is a user-generated content marketing platform which helps brands to produce tons of product videos, reviews, and FAQs for increasing conversion rates and boosting the sales.

  • Produce more product reviews
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Deliver a visual experience
  • Connect with Facebook, Instagram, and Google
  • Drive potential buyers to your store
SendGrid Email Delivery
SendGrid Email Delivery

Are you tired of the same traditional mailing system? Try the new SendGrid email delivery extension which is based on the cloud-based solutions that have pre-loaded APIs which adapt to your unique mailing requirements.

  • Easy configuration
  • Seamless integration between Magento store and SendGrid account with SMTP or APIs
  • Multi-lingual support
  • 24/7 support for email delivery
  • Secured email authentication and dedicated IP addresses
Subscribe At Checkout
Subscribe At Checkout

Wishing to generate more business by informing the customers about your upcoming or latest store events? Well, then this extension allows you to get such info with the help of newsletters to your customers. You can add a ‘Subscription’ checkbox to your checkout page for your customers to receive the newsletters.

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Admin can label for the checkbox
  • Requires no programming skills
  • Set up as default and compulsive subscription option
  • Disable when not in use
Salesforce Integration
Salesforce Integration

A CRM is a strong way to represent the identity of your enterprise because it allows to collaborate, mobilize and grow faster revenues. You just need to have Salesforce Sales Cloud account to run this on your site and make sure that it does not supply public pricing information.

  • Easy to set up
  • Synchronize with the Magento catalog
  • Supports B2C and B2B client records
  • Bi-directional synchronization
  • Supports multi-currency

Have you thought how easy it becomes when you can automate sales processes and personalize customer approach? Well, this extension namely retailCRM helps you to synchronize your data from an online store which is governed by Magento 2. It also provides comprehensive analytics of your business for the smooth functioning of the business process.

  • Automatic data transfer and data exchange
  • Store orders from everywhere in one place
  • Multi-web support
  • Instant updates of orders and customers
  • Upload your product catalog to retailCRM
Cash On Delivery
Cash On Delivery

When shopping online, many users wish to have the option of cash on delivery so they can test and verify the product before proceeding the payments or staying away from fraudulent payments. This extension also charges up an extra service fee as well as you can limit this option up to specific countries.

  • Flexible to use
  • Additional fee on choosing cash on delivery method
  • Fees can be fixed or vary based on the subtotal of the cart
  • Different rates for national and international orders
  • Restrict payment options
Facebook Pixel
Facebook Pixel

Another interesting Magento 2 extension developed by Sparsh Technologies is the one that allows adding FaceBook pixel code in your store to track your visitors, events, and effectiveness of your Facebook ads. All you require is having a Facebook pixel ID and in case, if you don’t have then create one. Search around for the pixel tab and create a pixel, do not forget to read how the pixel works, add your pixel name, enter your website URL to check for easy setup options and click continue. The key features include:

  • Enable/Disable from the backend
  • Track your visitors' events
  • Track Purchases
  • Track Add To Wishlist events
  • Track Product Views
  • Track Category Views
  • Track Searches
  • Individual Facebook Pixel ID can be used for different stores
  • Possibility to enable or disable individual page view events
Abandoned Cart Email
Abandoned Cart Email

Abandoned Cart email allows store owners to convert visitors or guests into real customers in no time. It acts as a perfect tool where you can convert visitors and guests into real customers. You may find this quite interesting that once you enable the extension from the backend, you will be able to expand both customers and the guest section where you can send the reminder email of the abandoned cart to registered customers and guest users. The key features include:

  • Send automated triggered emails to customers who left your store without completing the checkout process
  • Capture guest email address and send automated triggered emails to guests customers
  • Customizable email templates for your follow-ups
  • Customers can restore the abandoned cart with only one-click
  • Configure the schedule of email sending

The fourth Magento 2 extension we have on the list is again developed by Sparsh Technologies called GDPR which allows customers to control their data by simply anonymizing or deleting their accounts right in the account dashboard. According to the GDPR rule - the right to erasure (be forgotten) - the extension allows admin as well as customers to customize certain sections regarding their customer data such as customer rights, updating the privacy policy and so more. In addition, store owners can easily make compliance and guarantee customer data by simply enabling the extension. The key features include:

  • Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Avoid penalties for breaching GDPR and increase customer loyalty.
  • Efficiently manage all the cookies.
  • Enable/Disable Cookie Policy content.
  • Allow or not to anonymize the customer account.
  • Allow or not to delete the customer account.
  • Choose order statues for which account anonymization/deletion is allowed.
  • Anonymize account data and customer information
AJAX Shopping Cart Update
AJAX Shopping Cart Update

This extension is useful to update the shopping cart of the customer’s order effectively. You will be presented with the total price adjustments on the shopping cart page instantly. It helps your customers to keep a track on their shopping cart.

  • Easy installation
  • Check total price on the shopping page itself
  • No extra clicks to move to payment
  • Secure and faster payments
  • Real-time cart updates
Best Selling Products
Best Selling Products

Many a time, the customers of your store are eager to check the best selling product among the bulk of the items displayed on your store. The ultimate idea behind the best selling products is to know which products are trending or demands the most in the market.

  • Easy configuration
  • Real-time product updates
  • Visibility on every webpage
  • Applies AJAX Lazy Load on the slider
  • Set the best seller products limit
Pinterest Tag
Pinterest Tag

Along with Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest is also showing a huge amount of rush by creating an online presence. To take advantage of it, this extension allows Pinterest users to measure customer purchases by targeting their audience with advertisements and pins.

  • Easy to Use
  • Quicker implementation of tags on your store
  • Multi-store support
  • Tracks total quantity and grand total
  • Display item details
Bolt Checkout
Bolt Checkout

The bolt extension helps you to replace the fragmented online shopping, payments and fraud softwares. The store owners get a seamless checkout experience on their website by hyper-optimizing and converting their customers on the web and mobile.

  • Easy configuration
  • Zero fraud built-in
  • Increases lead conversions
  • Exclusive for mobiles
  • PCI DSS level I and GDPR compliance
Cointopay Crypto Currency Payments
Cointopay Crypto Currency Payments

The cryptocurrency has been influencing all the economies across the globe and so it does to the businesses. With the help of this extension, you can add cryptocurrency as an additional method of payment which generates an additional income for your store.

  • Easy configuration as per the user guide
  • CSV Exports
  • Partial payout executions
  • Send and receive crypto-currencies
  • Highly secured transactions with HTTPS
PayPal Recurring Payment
PayPal Recurring Payment

One of the fastest and secure ways for customers to pay online is PayPal. The Magento 2 extension developed by the Magento development company is PayPal recurring Payment extension which not just allows grabbing regular payments but even saves valuable time. Once the extension is enabled from the backend, the administrator can easily track payment status and check regarding any unclear payments without much hassle. The key features include:

  • Supports online recurring payments with PayPal express checkout.
  • Admin can enable/disable recurring payment per product.
  • Admin can define the trial period, initial amount, auto bill, number of allowed failures, and much more.
  • The customer can track all subscription details and transaction history from his/her account.
  • Customer can view/active/suspend/unsubscribe to their subscriptions.
  • Admin can view/active/suspend/unsubscribe any customer subscription.
  • Admin can find all subscriptions for any particular customer.
  • Disable the plugin when not in use.
Splitit Monthly Payments
Splitit Monthly Payments

This is one of the easiest way of making payments as it allows to have an easy installment scheme for your shopping cart. Each month a fixed amount gets deducted from your integrated account and you do not feel the burden of a heavy amount at the end of the month.

  • Easy configuration
  • Safe data encryption keys
  • 128-bit secure sockets layer
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Limited access to the system components
Bank Payment
Bank Payment

The extension helps you to get full control over the payment process to the customers and avoid any transmission of the sensitive payment data. All you need to do is add one or more bank accounts to get it displayed in the checkout option when your customers opt for the payment options to help them with the easy payment.

  • Easy configuration
  • Integrate multiple bank accounts
  • Allows partial capturing
  • Set an installment value
  • Display link to a CMS page
Botgento Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Botgento Facebook Messenger Chatbot

All of the users are very much engaged with the social platform named Facebook. Due to its wide popularity, the businesses can make use of the Facebook messenger for customer support by integrating it with this extension. This allows your visitors to chat directly through the messenger instead of installing a separate application.

  • Enhanced User Acquisition
  • Endless broadcasts options
  • Updates order info
  • Budget friendly and time saving
  • Real-time responses
Richpanel eCom Helpdesk
Richpanel eCom Helpdesk

This extension is working as all-in-one solution for live chat, SLAs, private notes, live session tracking or canned responses. It syncs with your Magento store to create an accurate customer profile and track their regular visits, orders and tickets inside the profile.

  • Easy configuration
  • Creates a User profile
  • Ticketing and Live chat
  • Get Analytics
  • Real-time responses
Ajax Infinite Scroll
Ajax Infinite Scroll

Mainly created to reduce the product load time, the Magento 2 extension allows all the products to load them automatically as soon as a user scrolls down the website. In simple words, one doesn’t require to reload the whole page. Once the extension is enabled, you can expand the selector section in regards to delay time in milliseconds for scroll down, enter the selector for the element that surrounds the items you will be loading more of (define class name or id), enter the selector for the pagination element, enter the selector for the link to the next page and so forth. The key features include:

  • Reduce product load time
  • High website performance
  • Easy Navigation
  • Display message after loading all products
  • Customize loading text content
  • Allow uploading loading image
  • Define delay time for scroll down
  • Improve user experience and conversion rate
  • Support multi-store environment
HelpCrunch LiveChat
HelpCrunch LiveChat

For an all-round customer communication platform, this extension helps to combine the modern live chat, auto-messaging, in-app messaging and mail automation. All of your communication can be synced across different platforms and channels like mobile, web, chat, email and third-party integration with the help of a single online account to have smooth talks.

  • Share all types of files
  • User-friendly avatars
  • Packed with emojis and stickers
  • Typing notification
  • Runs on all applications
PushAssist Web Push Notifications
PushAssist Web Push Notifications

This extension is a complete solution for your Magento store that assist in sending push web notification to your visitors. You only need to install the libraries that are required to work it with your store and voila you are all set to go. The module helps to engage, convert and increase the revenue rates by driving more traffic to your store.

  • Instant notifications
  • Notifies when a new product is added
  • Strong and Secure APIs
  • Geo-location reports
  • Easy configuration
Split Order
Split Order

Developed by Sparsh Technologies, the Split order extension allows splitting the order into separate orders. The Magento development company makes sure that the admin can easily generate separate invoices and shipments for each order ID in regards to Shipping charges, tax, and discounts. In addition, customers can view all order IDs in their order history and track each item on a different basis. Once you are able to enable the extension from the backend, the order management becomes easy. The key features include:

  • Able to split a pending order into separate orders
  • Receives order IDs if they purchase multiple items
  • Separate order IDs will be generated at the back-end
  • Separate invoices and shipment can be created for individual order
  • Get detailed information about each item of the order
  • Split orders based on items or quantities manually as desired
  • Shipping charges, tax, and discounts are divided among multiple orders based on items or quantities
  • The customer gets a notification with detailed information about their order in email as well as in their account
Custom Shipping Method
Custom Shipping Method

Have you ever faced a situation where you are unable to control things? This mainly happens when a customer order is shipped. Therefore, choosing a preferred shipping method plays an extremely important role. Sparsh technologies is a leading Magento development company that has come up with the extension allowing admin as well as customers to manage and control all custom methods with a convenient and guaranteed delivery. The key features include:

  • Easily managing and control shipping options
  • Set Calculate Handling Fee to Fixed/Percent.
  • Set Shipping options Per Order/Per Item.
  • Set Minimum Order Amount to qualify for this custom shipping method.
  • Restrict the shipping method based on specific countries.
  • Display instant Error Message for the unavailability of the shipping method.
  • Set order to display the shipping method in the storefront.
Quick View
Quick View

Online shopping is quite in vogue these days. Sparsh Technology recently came up with the Magento extension named Quick view saves both time and energy by making online buying easier and faster. In addition, speed and transparency is something through which customers receive a warm and positive experience. Once you add the quick view extension, customers can easily experience a fast preview of the product. The key benefits include:

  • Improve the product browsing process and enhance conversion rates
  • Static pop up window featuring Preview product information
  • Easy enable/disable options
  • Managing cart/wishlist becomes easy for the admin
  • Responsive and user-friendly
Maintenance Mode
Maintenance Mode

The Magento extension allows you to display a custom maintenance page on your storefront instead of showing the default Magento maintenance mode page. The Magento extension enables you to display a maintenance page to your Magento store by adding a background of your choice to inform your visitors that your site is down for maintenance. By using this extension, admin are now able to customize store pages according to their requirements and display newsletter, countdown timer, social links, and contact us options in the background. The key benefit includes:

  • Allows bypassing the IP addresses, thereby accessing the storefront
  • Subscribe to Newsletter
  • Customize Newsletter by choosing a custom template provided by the admin panel
  • Allows adding the "Contact Us" button
  • Social media icons are easy to configure by adding links to their respective social media in the admin panel
  • Set the maintenance mode on predefined date and time
  • Notify users on disabling the maintenance mode
  • Allows displaying a countdown timer
  • Auto disables the maintenance mode when the timer ends
  • It allows you to upload background images of your choice
Lingotek Translation Inside
Lingotek Translation Inside

It is recommended to have a multilingual website as you might attract the customers from across the globe and it can be difficult to understand the store offerings. To resolve this, the store owners can make use of this plugin for providing a faster and more effective language translation.

  • Cloud-based technology for translation
  • Proper Translation Management System
  • Makes use of Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT)
  • Translates product descriptions, landing pages, and SEO meta tags
  • Translates new content automatically
Fooman Print Order PDF
Fooman Print Order PDF

With the help of this extension, you can easily create and print the order confirmation in the PDF format document to track the order status. This is useful when it comes to tracking your parcel online as the extension helps you to contain information about all the orders in an appropriate format.

  • Easy configuration
  • Real-time updates
  • Accurate data management
  • Proper PDF formatted document
  • Allows easy order management
Delete Orders
Delete Orders

The Magento extension allows eCommerce stores to delete all test or ad-hoc orders, invoices, shipments, and credit memos either one-by-one or in bulk on a single click for allowed order statuses. In addition, the Magento development company has also come up with changing the order status to cancel for non-invoiced orders and no orders will be deleted. Thus, our development company came up with this extension which will make everything much easier to follow and less confusing. The key benefit includes:

  • Able to delete bulk orders from the backend
  • Mass delete of invoices
  • Mass delete shipments
  • No database knowledge/developer support needed
  • Configuration option to select an order status that could be easily deleted from the store
  • Restrict another admin user to delete order functionality

This plugin is used to let the e-commerce world stay connected with the web-based software that are designed to make commerce retailers efficient at fulfilling and shipping their orders. There are many complications which occur during the shipping times and hence this extension can be a life saviour for the store admins to enjoy hassle free delivery.

  • Easy to install
  • Syncs all the orders from your store
  • Time efficient and money saving
  • Allows cross-border merchants to collaborate
  • Easy returns
Algolia Instant Search
Algolia Instant Search

We all are very much addicted to the Google searches for searching out different websites. But for your e-commerce search, you need to incorporate this plugin for a faster and instant search engine which delivers back the results with a lightning-fast speed.

  • Easy to use
  • Unprecedented Search Speed
  • Fully reliable
  • Appropriate filters and facets
  • Advanced Analytics
Find A Dealer
Find A Dealer

There are some users who prefer to go to physical stores rather than going online stores. For these people, this extension proves to be much usable as it allows to search for the nearest store where they can find the products accordingly.

  • Easy configuration
  • Get your API key from Google Console
  • Search out the nearest store
  • Get the direction with Google Maps
  • Disable when not in use
Search By Voice
Search By Voice

Many a time, the customers feel boring when it comes to typing the store as they might not produce the right spelling which does not get them the desired results. To overcome it, this extension has a perfect feature of search by voice which allows hassle free shopping by the customers.

  • Easy Installation
  • Quicker voice recognition
  • Displays faster results
  • Configurable Input Search-Id
  • Disable when not in need

This extension is used to get an appropriate addresses of the customers so they can enter and verify the address in forms accordingly. It is a smooth running process which collects all of your data accurately and informs the users in real-time.

  • Easy set-up
  • Slick customer experience
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Reduce the cart abandonment
  • Get the valid delivery address
Auto Related Products
Auto Related Products

In your e-commerce store, to increase customer engagement, you need to show more relevant products to your customers in case if they do not feel satisfied with the one. This saves the time of the customer, which in return gets you extra profits.

  • Easy configuration
  • Compatible with all the browsers
  • Responsive thumbnail slider
  • Configure as per your needs
  • Disable when not in need

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