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Google Shopping

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping was previously known as Product Listings Ads. It is a service tool provided by Google. Google Shopping lets their users to view, search for products and compare products.

Generally, when a customer uses Google to search for a product, these products are displayed as a result of that search.

Google Shopping generally is shown under the shopping tab or the main search engine results page. For instance, when a user types 'blue t-shirt' into the search bar of Google, they get sponsored ads at the top of the page.

Integration of Google Shopping ads Channel with Magento

Google Shopping ads are available for Magento Commerce, Magento Open Source versions 2.2.x and Magento 2.3.x.

To easily and efficiently boost up their marketing and simplify the process of their campaign management from their Magento admin panel, merchants can seamlessly connect their Magento website with Google ads and Google Merchant Centre(GMC).

The primary goal with this useful integration is to eliminate the complexity into their existing marketing workflow and enable merchants to optimize the Google advertising spend for increased reach and conversion.

What is so special with Google Shopping ads?

The key benefits of Google Shopping ads include:

1) Put your brands and products in Google Shopping's center of attraction:
Google Shopping ads do not discriminate! Even if you have just started out or you have a small business, standing out with your effort on top of the search engine result pages(SERPs) will help drive the customers to purchase your products. Customers don't need to be familiar with your brand or your business as your products appear whenever Google matches them to the user's keywords.

2) Better Quality Leads
Google shopping ads will help you in getting quality and relevant leads, if you provide relevant product information. Customers make their informed purchasing decision and generally are impressed when the products have more information and description. Customers will land on your product page with a high purpose to purchase through visually revealing, and information rich ads. Within the ad, the customers are provided with enough information about the product. With this, customers who don’t know your brand name are still going to check your website ad based on the given information like images, ratings.

3) Easier to manage
Google Shopping ads are easy to manage. Even a non-technical person can manage the back end which eases their workflow. To match your product by searches, Google generally uses the product data feed. You can change product data feed according to your needs to optimize your Google ads according to your category, product title, and descriptions.

4) High conversion rates
Google Shopping ads have been much popular and have resulted in mugh high conversion rates when compared to text-only ads.On an average, your cost-per-click is lowered by around 23% and conversion rates have gone higher to 26%. This can lead to more qualified and relevant traffic to your online store. There will be better cost-per-click and in turn it will boost your ROI.

5) Simple onboarding and auto-sync maintenance
Ongoing and on-boarding maintenance is clear and streamlined by using your product catalog and Magento configurations. As your online store and business changes, Magento keeps its synchronization with Google. With this, out-of-stock products are advertised without being worried about it.

Wrapping Up
Google Shopping ads adds another touchpoint along with your buyer's journey that raises awareness about your product and nourishes relevant leads to make final decisions while choosing your product. The Google Shopping ads’, if used correctly can make your ads stand out and can boost your conversions and in turn your ROI too.

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