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About Magento

Owing to its impressive popularity, Magento seems to be assisting retailers with creating and optimize their online channels with minimal efforts. More specifically, incorporated with powerful marketing, catalog-management tools, and SEO friendliness, the open-source platform covers all the needs of your business such as promotions, hassle-free shipping, merchandising and payments.

Built-in PHP, hundreds and thousands of business ventures including Nike, Samsung and so more are using this open source to Kickstart their online store.

With a great ability to scale, the open-source platform allows store owners to expand tens of thousands of products and complex custom behavior without changing platforms.

In addition to this, there are lots of templates and themes which can be customized in one go. It also supports up to 500,000 products on a single e-commerce website. It can take up to 100,000 orders in an hour.

Sparsh-Technologies Magento + eCommerce = SUCCESS.

If you are planning to build a long-term professional eCommerce site, look no further than Magento.


Without much ado, let us check out the reasons why Magento is your go-to formula for success

  • Open Source
    Open Source

    Available for free, Magento community edition can be installed in any manner you like. Plus, having a team Magento developer by your side supercharging the Magento codes and enhancing the eCommerce website becomes an easy journey. The open-source platform is not limited to offering flexible, scalable solutions but also gives you a huge library of modules that will help up your growth as a Magento website developer at the Magento Marketplace.

  • High Performance
    High Performance

    Page load time seems to have become a major concern these days. Whether you are planning to conduct a dynamic or static operation, performance time plays a vital role in succeeding your website among others. Despite starting off well, a hundred of millisecond latency can get you knocked off from the eyes of the potential customers. Featuring Varnish, Memcached, Redis, FPC, etc, the platform can surely create a win-win situation for both business as well as their clients.

  • Flexibility

    With Open system architecture, Magento has a great capability to offer us a compelling user experience across all the devices. It may interest you to know that adding customized back-end workflows has now become possible to meet specific requirements. Our core Magento expertise blends well with Magento development and give you the desired result.

  • Security

    Another crucial aspect in the eCommerce industry is security and Magento is the best option to think upon. With the increase in potential eCommerce frauds, it is wise to create a website based on a platform which acts as a benchmark when it comes to security. In addition to this, Magento comprises of a set of built-in-tools making easy for one to take hold of activities across the store.

  • Multiple Store
    Multiple Store

    With one backend CMS, the open-source platforms allow you to create multiple online stores. With the help of Magento huge plugins support you can easily manage store inventory, billing tasks, Customer orders, records and other important information in a single dashboard. Moreover, you can also plug the user traffic measurement tool called Google Analytics offered by Google. Leave everything on us and we will find the best gadgets and plug in your store right away!

  • The SEO Factor
    The SEO Factor

    This factor comes on the top of the list stating why brands tend to upgrade from Magento 1 to 2. In fact, many of you consider "Magento in itself is SEO powerhouse", if you want your business to attract customers; SEO tricks must be placed in the right boxes.

  • A Plentiful amount of Marketing tools
    A Plentiful amount of Marketing tools

    Last but certainly not the least, one can make individual sales contracts, run advertisements, offer free shipping or other special discounts. In addition to this, you can give feedback about products, compare them, view a list of recently viewed items, and customers can easily share your product pages.

Is Magento right for your business?

After looking at what Magento is, how is it beneficial, where it stands in the market; it’s time to conclude on a decision.

To put it in simple words, if you don't have a lot of technical knowledge, let us get hired by you! As a reliable Magento Development Company, we cater to a wide array of Magento verticals and expertise in that.

Other eCommerce features that Magento include are:

  • Streamlined checkout option
  • Multi-currency and Multi-lingual support
  • Easy to integrate 3rd party APIs
  • Mobile Experience
  • Catalog Management
  • Multitasking
  • Order Management
  • Payment, Checkout, and Shipping
  • Hosting Options
To conclude,

Over a span of years, there is no denying in the fact that the platform seems to have served their customers in the best possible manner.

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