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Magento integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics tool is all about observing and analyzing visitors' behavior to a website. Google Analytics generally is the collection, processing, analysis, and reporting of the online data for optimizing and understanding the usage of that data.

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Google Analytics and Magento

Did you know that Google Analytics has built-in integration with Magento?

Magento has been known as one of the best ecommerce development platform and for its high sales and marketing integrated options. Google Analytics integrated with Magento offers an enormous range of analytical and statistical reports for tracking activities of sales and other traffic-related activities. The simple yet unique detailed dashboard unites several reports featuring the number of searches, orders, revenues, bestselling products, or new customers.

Store owners also required more information about new customers, customers, including behavioral characteristics and referrer sources of traffic. This need can be achieved by the Google Analytics tracking report, which uses Google Analytics code on every page of your Magento website and gathers information about your website and displaying it on the dashboard.

Benefits of Magento integration with Google Analytics

Integrating Magento with Google analytics will give data rich environment for your users behavior and you can able to review the website performance with google analytics report.

Shopping Behavior
It allows store owners to view the number of sessions at each purchase stage (add to cart, product view, checkout), view that how many transactions from one step to the next happened, and the abandonment rate at each stage.

Checkout Behavior
It allows store owners to view how successfully the customers moved through the checkout process, depending on the sessions at every specific step, the abandonment rate, and sessions with transactions.

Sales Performance
It allows store owners to evaluate sales by either of two primary dimensions including Transactions with date, time, transaction ID, and Date (cumulative transactions date by date).

Product Performance
It allows store owners to view how their products are performed in terms of price, revenue, and quantity and product performance in terms of user engagement.

Analyze Sources of Traffic
Google Analytics shows the store owners that what makes their customers drive to their website. For instance, using referrer links from another website Google Analytics can show the number of people who visit their website through it (referral link).

This gives store owners the opportunity to implement various sources of driving the traffic to their website. For example, if their advertisements are performing well by increasing traffic. This will help to you optimize your Magento Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Specific Page popularity
Sometimes it becomes very important for store owners to know which pages are at its peak of popularity or which pages are visited frequently. To achieve knowing this, Google Analytics can provide information about which of the website's pages are visited frequently or are more popular. Google Analytics allows the store owners to analyze which website pages are the most relevant to the visitors and implement them accordingly to enhance and improve the content.

Review Historical Information
For a store owner to understand any trends across a determined time frame, first they will need to understand the user traffic changes across a certain period. Google Analytics fulfills that need for store owners and makes it easy to display the manner that their user traffic has changed across a determined period over a time frame.

For instance, a store owner wants to understand its marketing campaign has been successful or not. Using Google Analytics, store owners can analyze which of their marketing campaigns have been successful and which of those are helpful to shape their advertising for future campaigns.


Google Analytics also provides sub-domain management, email reports, outbound links, mobile statistics, social reporting, and revenue tracking, making it a very powerful statistical and marketing tool available for increasing positive results of our online presence especially as it is free.

Using Google Analytics, merchants have an enormous amount of opportunities for surging some essential e-commerce processes. Using Google Analytics integrated with Magento, you will be able to access enhanced e-commerce reports and advanced tracking features without the need to add complex codes to the Magento backend. 

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