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The Magento 2 SMTP extension is a free e-mail marketing solution that supports all main SMTP providers to solve issues like spamming, HTML/Plain-text in emails and many others.

Tech Specifications


Marketplace: Sparsh Technologies

Updated:6 November, 2020

Categories:Payments & Security,Fraud




The SMTP Magento extension is a free email marketing solution that supports all main SMTP-providers to solve issues like spamming, HTML/Plain-text in emails and many others. This also ensures that your emails are delivered using the standard mail protocol. Also, it helps you easily set up email SMTP with any host.

As soon as you enable the extension from the backend, You can customize in regards to authentication method which supports none, plain, login and Cram-MD5, authentication protocol which supports none, SSL and TLS, the username of the SMTP provider, the password and the return path.


Testing Email Before Going Live

In simple words, admin can test send email to other email and select email template to test send emails, results can be seen in no time. This Magento extension also minimizes the chance to get into spam and decrease the rejection level.


Everything Is In Control

All types of emails can be delivered successfully. All you require is to expand the mail sending settings in regards to authentication methods, authentication protocol, username, password, set return-path and return-path email.


  1. Enable/Disable from the backend
  2. Simple and easy interface
  3. Allow sending emails through external SMTP servers
  4. Decrease the chance of going emails to spam
  5. Supports all of the most popular email service providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Office365, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, Mailgun, Mandrill, SendGrid, AT&T and many more
  6. Ability to fill Host, Port, Authentication, and Protocol for SMTP Provider
  7. Supplying three kinds of Protocol: None, SSL and TLS
  8. Self-testing email function

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