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Call For Price

Call For Price

The Magento 2 extension developed by Sparsh Technologies enables the eCommerce store admins to hide the price of the products on the site and users can get it after an inquiry.

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Marketplace: Sparsh Technologies

Updated:24 May, 2023

Categories:Extensions, Marketing, CRM, SEO/SEM, Advertising




The Magento developers at Sparsh Technologies came up with a Magento 2 Extension called “Call-for-Price”. It is an extension that enables the eCommerce store admins to hide the price of the products on the site and users can get it after an inquiry. For which the user will have to fill out a simple form. This extension can be a useful tool for eCommerce store owners who don’t want to reveal their product price to beat the competition but wants the users to easily know the product’s value as soon as they fill in a simple form with few fields.

This Magento 2 extension is a paid version that can be used by admins after they have purchased it. With the help of this extension the admin of any eCommerce business can enable the option of an inquiry button on all the products or a group of products which means that the price will be hidden until the user clicks the inquiry button and as soon as it is done, the user will have to fill in some answers in form, after that admin will receive an email and also admin can check all the inquiries submitted by the customers in the backend grid. This extension helps the eCommerce store admin to take price-related decisions easily as the price is not listed for the competitors to see. So it is very beneficial in order to grab more buyers and increase sales.

Besides, This Magento 2 extension comes with an option to hide the “add to cart” button for either all products or some particular type of products.


  1. Inquiry button for all or separate products.
  2. Hide the price from one or all products.
  3. Custom inquiry button text facility.
  4. Inquiry option available for both guest users and customers.
  5. Competitors cannot see the price of the products.
  6. Persuade clients to contact the admin for the price list.
  7. Ajax is used for the inquiry forms.
  8. An inquiry form can be added to any product.
  9. Admin inquiry email template & auto-reply to customer email template can be set as per choice.
  10. Email notification to the admin & customers.

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