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Auto Invoice And Shipment Generator

Auto Invoice And Shipment Generator

The Magento 2 extension developed by Sparsh Technologies allows store owners to generate invoice and shipment automatically after order placed successfully which makes order processing easier and faster.

Tech Specifications

Marketplace: Sparsh Technologies

Updated:24 March, 2023

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Sometimes store owners face challenges while generating invoices and shipments in their stores. The default Magento doesn't allow store administrators to generate invoices automatically, in fact, they need to do it manually. But as the business starts to grow, the number of orders they constantly receive increases which requires more manual effort and can lead to more human errors. This might reduce the level of customer satisfaction. So the Magento developers from the Sparsh technologies developed Magento 2 Auto Invoice and Shipment extension that helps automate order invoicing and shipment creations once the order payment is successful, making order processing quick and easier.

The Magento 2 Auto Invoice extension not only automates the invoice and shipment generation process but also reduces the time you invest in manual tasks, completes orders quickly, enhances customer experience, and strengthens trust by providing a convenient confirmation of payment documents.


Apply to multiple payment methods

You'll be surprised to know that the admin can select more than one online and offline payment method to apply the automatic invoice and shipment generation for Magento 2.


  1. Automatically create invoices and shipments of orders
  2. Multi-store supported
  3. Free lifetime updates
  4. Easily configure from the admin panel
  5. 100% open code Magento 2 extension
  6. Supports Magento 2 partial shipment
  7. Allows admin to create unlimited auto shipment and auto invoices based on payment methods & website.

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