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Auto Cancel Order

Auto Cancel Order

The Magento 2 Auto Cancel Order extension allows store owners to auto-cancel orders of the specified order statuses and payment methods after a specific period of time, which helps in order management.

Tech Specifications


Marketplace: Sparsh Technologies

Updated:22 October, 2020

Categories:Extensions, Sales




The Magento 2 extension was developed by Sparsh Technologies with an objective to let store owners auto cancel orders of the specified order statuses and payment methods right after a specific period of time. As soon as you enable the extension from the backend, you will be able to conduct order management in a seamless manner.

What you can do is enable auto-cancel the order and specify start date from where auto canceling an order, selecting order statuses when applying for auto-cancel orders, selecting payment methods, and hours/days for the cancellation to apply for auto-cancel orders and also sending an email notification to the admin.


Email Configurations

Right from choosing which email admin will receive an auto-canceled order notification to choosing an email template, enabling email notifications for end customers, and choosing a template for them as well; options are endless. Installing any third-party extension for SMTP email is also available here.


Auto- Canceling an order - CRON

As soon as you are done setting up CRON, both admin and customer will be able to receive an email notification once an order is auto-canceled by CRON based on specific cancelation date, order statuses, and payment methods configured in the backend.


  1. Save the time and effort of manual canceling order.
  2. Automatically cancel the order after a defined date.
  3. Automatically cancel the order with the following statuses:
    1. Pending Payment
    2. Pending
    3. Payment Review
    4. Suspected Fraud
  4. Specify the payment method, duration, and unit of which to auto-cancel the orders.
  5. Email notification to the admin and customers when an order is canceled.
  6. Select the admin email to which order cancel notification will be sent.
  7. Choose the email template for both admin and customer email notification.
  8. Easy order management.

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