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All Product Reviews

All Product Reviews

The Magento 2 All Product Reviews extension allows the store admin to show all product reviews on one page using a widget.

Tech Specifications

Marketplace: Sparsh Technologies

Updated:16 March, 2021

Categories:Sales,Rewards & Loyalty




The Magento 2 extension is developed by Sparsh Technologies which allows the store admin to show all product reviews on a single page. And all this is done with a help of a widget. The extension offers a wide range of options in regards to display total reviews, number of reviews, show the title of the review, show the star ratings for each review, show review nickname, date of the review, product image and of course sorting reviews by position attributes.

The extension surely assists you well in building up your business. Also, you will be able to engage customers and boost sales with user-generated reviews and get a higher search ranking position. If we talk in terms of customer perspective the extensions enable them to understand your product in a better manner and make decisions accordingly.


Configuring All Product Reviews

The Magento extension incorporates a wide range of aspects in regards to displaying total reviews, showcasing the title of review, star ratings of each review, show product image and sort product reviews by position.


Define Position Of Reviews

This Magento extension offers store owners to sort reviews based on position, you first need to set the position of reviews.


  1. Show all reviews of all the products of your website on a single page
  2. Show/Hide total reviews of the ratings
  3. Limit number of reviews to calculate ratings
  4. Show/Hide review title
  5. Show/Hide review ratings
  6. Show/Hide review date
  7. Show/Hide reviewer nickname
  8. Show/Hide the product image for each review
  9. Multi store support

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