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Ajax Infinite Scroll

Ajax Infinite Scroll

The Magento 2 Ajax Infinite Scroll extension reduces product load time by automatically loads products as users scroll down the website without reloading the whole page.

Tech Specifications


Marketplace: Sparsh Technologies

Updated:26 October, 2020

Categories:Site Optimization,Performance




The Magento 2 Extension developed by Sparsh Technologies automatically loads products on the products listing page as users scroll down the website with an objective to remove page reloads and pagination. As soon as you enable the extension from the backend, you will find load more options from the next pages as you scroll down in your browser.

Using the Ajax technology, the extension certainly helps store owners to improve their store pages loading speed. When it comes to the store front view, you can certainly check by scroll down the category listing page or search result page to load more products with Ajax.


Scroll To Load

The Magento extension also offers a load more button where you can control the number of pages that the site will automatically load when customers scroll. Thus, this results in severe reduction in page leaving-off.


Create A User-friendly Website

First impression pays off really well due to this extension. Ajax Infinite Scroll extension certainly give your customers a wow with smooth browsing experiences and also makes your site quite user-friendly.


  1. Reduces product loading time
  2. High website performance
  3. Easy navigation
  4. Automatically loads products on the products listing page
  5. Display message after loading all products
  6. Customize loading text content
  7. Allow uploading loading image
  8. Define delay time for scroll down
  9. Improve user experience and conversion rate
  10. Support multi-store environment

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