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Google Shopping

Have you ever come across the term product listing ads? If so, Google shopping is the current name assigned for the service that allows the customer to search for, view and compare products in a single go.

Mainly powered by two platforms Adwords and Google Merchant, Google shopping is all about gathering details of your feed momentarily in terms of likes whereas Adwords is the space where your entire shopping campaigns live.

How is Google Shopping Different from traditional text ads?

Of course, there is a major difference. Earlier, when we used text ads, we were compelled to create campaigns ad groups and ads whereas Google shopping is all about the time when your product listing ads show up. Whether it’s about your feed to the site or the bids; every aspect is used to determine all the type of search queries which trigger your ads.

Now when it comes to succeeding with Google Shopping; there are three main factors to take into account:

Feed creation and optimization: Feed creation or feed mastery, the factor includes a lot of ground including your product data, images, and price.

Bidding:There is no cookie-cutter solution to bid successfully. But the good news is there are a plethora of ways available. But at the same time, you must know that bidding can be a tricky venture. Over years, it has been proved that after a while bidding strategies do have this scope of doubling the return on ad spend for each campaigns.

Monitoring and Optimization: The ability to see granular performance data and making relevant optimizations is what we certainly get by Google Shopping. Proper monitoring and optimization can do wonders for your business in the long run.

Its benefits include
  • Brands and Products Become the Center of Attraction:Standing out at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) now becomes an easy move. Your product automatically appears as Google matches them to the user’s keywords.

  • Better Quality Leads:Making informed purchasing decisions is the on-going trend these days. I am sure before visiting your website they must have been a bit familiar with your product while the ones who have no idea regarding your business are still likely to click due to rating, image, and price.

  • Easy to Manage: Without any keywords, Google uses your product data feed to match your product by searches. It may quite interest you to know that you can manipulate product data feed to optimize your ads with your category, product title, and descriptions.

  • High Conversion Rates: According to sources, on average, conversion rates are 26% higher and also your cost-per-click is reduced by about 23%.

  • Simple Onboarding and Auto-sync maintenance:Worrying about advertising out-of-stock products or inaccurate product pricing is no more a big deal as Magento stays in sync with Google.

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