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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a renowned term featuring many nuances, most of which nobody talks about. Like it or not, this shouldn’t be the case especially when you are creating a website and optimizing for search engines and visitors. Let me explain to you: Why?

What is Google Analytics?

Technically speaking Google Analytics is a simple process of collecting, processing, analysis, and reporting of online data for understanding and optimizing usage. If simply put, it’s the process of observing and examining visitor’s behavior to a website in particular. Being one of the most popular analytical tool and website metrics available, you can easily shape the success strategy of your business.

Having a strong online presence seems to be pretty common these days. But have you wondered what exactly makes the difference; it’s the way we learn the inner structure of the website and analyze it in the right manner.

Combining Google Analytics and Magento

However, Magento does provide a variety of statistical and analytical reports regarding tracking the results of sales and other activities. But when store owners crave more especially regarding customers, referrer sources of traffic and behavior characteristics. Google Analytics report comes into play!

Being able to monitor all platforms, you will be able to figure out where you need to put money into; be it SEO, PPC or social media marketing channels. Perhaps, you can also conclude on how you can maximize the ROI through these strategies. A closer look at metrics like bounce rate can provide great help.

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